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Tyler - Why I love climbing

Achievements to date: 
I am currently climbing 6b+ Bouldering and Lead 6C+. My greatest achievements to date in my climbing are Lead 7a and Topping 7b. I am parent and husband first and climber second. I am one of three owners of

I have been a climber since the age of 16. I have had some great mentors in my time and have learnt techniques from this that have never left me.

I am a father of three and have less time to climb now, but want to be able to be involved in the climbing community and add to it.

Climbing style… I love a crimp and or a Dyno


A little reflection on a sport I have partaken in for a long time. I felt it would be a great exercise to look at what keeps me climbing.

It all started for me in 2000. I had left school and was studying multimedia at college. I had rollerbladed for years and my best buddy had stopped. I could not understand how or why he would no longer participate in the sport we loved so much. I asked him why. He said he had fallen out of love with the sport, as his passion has changed. He had started climbing. 

I could not understand what the interest was. Going up and down a wall? Strange if you ask me!
 He invited me round to try. An unsuccessful climbing session and my arms felt like lead after. But I was laughing and enjoying myself. I had camaraderie in a self-obsessed sport that was engaging me.

My climbing partner and I went to Font [Fontainebleau] and Siurana in the winter of 2002. Two months with nothing to do but climb. I honesty fell out of love for the sport at this timeWhy, when I was in the mecca of Font and in the stunning beauty of Siurana? I stopped enjoying it. I wasn’t looking at the beauty and social aspect of the sport, but just trying to better my grades.

We came home early. A recent realisation of mine was that, in fact, it was subject to my lack of enthusiasm whilst on this epic journey of self-learning.

I did not climb for nearly 5 years from that point. I had fallen out of love with the sport. Pretty much lost a great friend and also my enthusiasm. I gained about 4 stone and just didn’t really involve myself in any sport.

It took a new group of climbers to get me back in the sport. I met some new local climbing partners. I have to say a thank you to Tim Morrish, Sean Hunter and Sean Cunliffe for re-igniting my passion for the sport.

We took a trip to a local indoor wall. The climbing was not amazing but I noticed a difference. We were laughing, we were joking, we were enjoying ourselves alongside cranking hard. I had remembered why I climbed.

This is the ethos I want to engage through CHALKbloc. This is the community I love. The ability to be up a mountain, in some of the bleakest conditions; to ensure the friction is great, but to also have the humour and the romance with the sport to keep laughing.

I feel climbing for me is about community, somewhere I belong. A fantastic sport to make friends and build your own personal goals. I now am progressing in my climbing but learning what I enjoy. Engaging people in the climbing community and building the network that is incredible and inclusive. 
Climbing community, you rock (no pun intended). 
Climb for the right reasons. Enjoy.




Name: Tyler Vacher
Location: East Sussex




  • May 14, 2015
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