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Ocun Diamond climbing shoe review

Ocun Diamond climbing shoe review by HoldBreaker climber Ben Preston.


The Ocun Diamond shoe is one of the many high performance shoes that Ocun provide.

The shoe is very downturned and with the sticky Vibram XS Grip sole. I was looking forward to trying them out!



However having only climbed and competed in La Sportiva Katanas for the past year I knew it would take a lot to make me feel comfortable and trust the shoe.
When first tying on the shoe you can literally hear the air being squeezed out of the shoe, even before tying the laces the shoe is like a suction cup.

The tongue under the laces is extremely comfy, allowing the user to dial in the fit by tightening or loosening the laces.
The toe of the shoe is pointing at exactly the right angel so it can be trusted on sloping foot holds, as well as tiny foot holds that you can barely see!

The heel on the shoe is of a thin width, personally I prefer this. I find the shoe can get more surface contact from heal to hold with smaller heel holds, but can still easily hold on the big holds.



Overall I can honestly say that I trust this shoe! Having already climbed one of my projects in them I'm looking forward to competing in these shoes very soon!
I would suggest them to all my friends as a high level, high performance shoe!



Review by:

Name: Ben Preston
Location: Surrey
Twitter: @ClimbBen
Instagram: @climbing_surrey





  • March 14, 2016
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The free chalk sample and hand written thank you note were a lovely touch and it's nice to know there are still some people that appreciate their customers. It's been a pleasure dealing with you!

 Got a lot of time for company's that keep it personal 👍🏻 definitely recommend@holdbreaker to every one. Trying out these new beasts thanks @holdbreaker top quality customer service 

 I'd also like to thank the Hold Breaker team for their excellent customer service, I've never been so impressed before!