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Belay Devices

Belay devices are used during belaying to control the rope to the climber. It's a mechanical piece of climbing equipment and it's main function is to improve belay safety for the climber.

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Alpine Up belay device by Climbing Technology A unique and patented self locking belay device designed for alpine climbing (HMS Carabiner included) The Alpine Up comes in 3 modes; The Click Up Mode, lets you belay safely on bolted routes even if you’ve put in the rope incorrectly. The Dynamic Mode, allows you to belay safely on trad climbs. The "V"...

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Be Up belay device by Climbing Technology Customers say: ★★★★★ "Takes a large range of rope sizes and is lighter then a lot of the competitors".   An innovative and effective belay device Helps you pay out rope smoothly. The Be Up is designed with lots of room for your rope to move freely allowing you to pay out rope...

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Click Up belay device by Climbing Technology An incredibly safe and easy to use belay device Simple and easy to use. You only need the slight tension on the rope and the carabiner goes up along the inner guide, locking the rope. Easy lowering, a slight pressure on the device and the rope runs at the speed that you want...


Spark belay device by Kailas A lightweight and versatile belay device You’ll have good rope control because the V-shaped grooves increase friction when lowering. The Spark belay device can be used with a single or twin rope which allows you to not only belay, but also abseil off a route. At only 65g it will definitely reduce your load whilst...

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Ghost belay device by Kong For climbers who wants flexibility and love simplicity The simplicity of the Ghost design makes this belay device so robust that it will not let you down even in the harshest weather conditions. Perfect for those winter projects. Extra peace of mind when bringing up your seconding with the self-locking feature. Recommended use with 7.5...


Ferry belay device by Ocun Smooth belaying and easy to use belay device Nice handling. The Ferry belay lets you handle the rope nicely with any diameter rope between 7.8 - 11mm without loosing that smooth feed that you want when belaying. Multi purpose. Take it with you on your sport trip or climbing trad route even alpine and ice....

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Ferry belay device duo set by Ocun  Great combination of Eagle HMS screwgate carabiner and Ferry belay device Nice handling. Smooth handling when you're belaying with ropes between 7.8 - 11mm without any jamming. Multi purpose. Can be used for sport climbing, trad route even alpine or ice. Rope control. The V-shape friction groove on the Ferry gives you better control when...


Hurry belay device by Ocun A very simple yet always reliable belay device Easy handling. No nonsense, you simply put the rope through the slots and clip the carabiner and you’re ready to belay. Total confidence. When belaying a climber heavier than you, the V-shape friction grooves gives you enough friction to control the rope effectively. Rope control. Versatile from...

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Hurry belay device duo set by Ocun A very simple, ultra-light and always reliable belay deviceComes with Ocun Eagle HMS screwgate carabiner No nonsense, you simply put the rope through the slots and clip the carabiner as simple as that. You will be in control belaying your climber even when they are heavier than you, the V-shape friction grooves gives...


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