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BlueWater climbing Ropes

BlueWater ropes is an American based family-owned rope manufacturer with climbing in their DNA. The roots of their manufacturing skills trace back to the family textile business that began manufacturing in Georgia in 1903.

In 1969 BlueWater manufactured the first American-made kern mantle caving rope. They were also the first American rope company to make a dynamic climbing rope and ever since those early days they’ve continued to make their trusted ropes even better.

The success of the BlueWater climbing ropes has been based on Design, Function and Performance.

After generations of textile and climbing rope manufacturing, BlueWater Ropes is THE standard in quality and durability.

Whether it’s your first climb or your 500th, BlueWater Climbing Ropes have your back.

The BlueWater climbing ropes are suitable for beginners, intermediates and professional climbers alike. The company aims to provide climbers across the world with the highest quality, safest equipment available.

If you are looking for an ultra-reliable climbing rope that is produced by an industry leader and expert in rope design, manufacturing and durability testing then BlueWater Ropes are for you.

We stock a large selection of the high quality and durable BlueWater climbing ropes. Please see our range of climbing ropes below.


Ice Floss Twin Dynamic Double-Dry7.7mm, climbing rope by BlueWater Ropes (60m) Helps you reduce excess weight. And most importantly, keeps you safe in the extreme environment that is alpine and ice climbing. The single-pick sheath is designed to keep you safe by stopping the rope getting caught on features as you work your way up an winter climb. Because the Ice...


Excellence Twin 8.4mm Dynamic Double-Dry by BlueWater Ropes (60m) Stay focused as you climb. Keeping your protection solid like it should be. Weighing only 64g/m, it won’t put unnecessary weight on your gear placement. The tightly braided double-pick sheath, makes it extra hard wearing and durable, giving you confidence that it will withstand the most demanding Trad climbs. Repeatedly. The rope...

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Lightning Pro 9.7mm Dynamic Double-Dry by BlueWater Ropes  Stops you worrying about your safety and keeps you working on your project.   The BlueWater Rope experts combined their technical knowledge and created a rope which outshines all other lifelines with similar diameter, in terms of lower impact force and super high fall rating. Allowing you to concentrate on getting your...


Double-Dry Eliminator 10.2mm climbing rope by BlueWater Ropes Customers say: ★★★★★ "It goes through my Gri-Gri really smoothly despite the 10.2mm thickness and it catches you soft when you fall".   Avoid changing rope often and save on your gear budget. The Eliminator is durable thanks to the Kernmantle design. You can take falls repeatedly. Over and over again, and...

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Eliminator 10.2mm, climbing rope by BlueWater Ropes (60m)  Avoid changing rope and save on your gear budget. The Eliminator is durable thanks to the Kernmantle design. You can take falls repeatedly. Over and over again, and still have a soft landing. The 64g/m weight makes it the lightest rope in the 10.2mm rope category, which helps when you’re trying to...


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