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8.4mm Excellence Twin Dynamic Double-Dry, BlueWater Ropes Blue (60m)


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Excellence Twin 8.4mm Dynamic Double-Dry by BlueWater Ropes (60m)

Stay focused as you climb. Keeping your protection solid like it should be.

  • Weighing only 64g/m, it won’t put unnecessary weight on your gear placement.
  • The tightly braided double-pick sheath, makes it extra hard wearing and durable, giving you confidence that it will withstand the most demanding Trad climbs. Repeatedly.
  • The rope can get rained on and not let a single drop through because of the Double-Dry coat. It will even protect it from the UK weather.
  • Available in 60m (sold individually).



Length: 60m
Diameter: 8.4mm
Grams Per Meter: 45
UIAA Falls Held: 7
Weight: 2700g

(The UIAA is the international governing body for climbing and mountaineering)


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