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10.2mm Eliminator Dynamic Standard, BlueWater Ropes (60m)


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Eliminator 10.2mm, climbing rope by BlueWater Ropes (60m)

 Avoid changing rope and save on your gear budget.

  • The Eliminator is durable thanks to the Kernmantle design. You can take falls repeatedly. Over and over again, and still have a soft landing.
  • The 64g/m weight makes it the lightest rope in the 10.2mm rope category, which helps when you’re trying to reduce weight, packing for a climbing trip for example.
  • The Standard Dry treatment on the Eliminator means the coat the rope’s sheath fibers, which stops the rope from losing its durability when it gets wet (we recommend the Double Dry if you’re going to use it more for outdoors).
  • Available in 60m.



Length: 60 m
Diameter: 10.2mm
Grams Per Meter: 64
UIAA Falls Held: 8
Weight: 3840g

(The UIAA is the international governing body for climbing and mountaineering)


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