Climbing Technology Axis HMS Screwgate Carabiner – HoldBreaker

Climbing Technology Axis HMS Screwgate Carabiner


Axis HMS Screwgate Carabiner by Climbing Technology

A perfect carabiner for trad climbing

  • You will always get the maximum loading strength out of the carabiner because the Axis HMS shape makes sure the correct axial loading is kept.
  • You will have no problem dealing with multiple ropes, bulky knots or an Italian hitch belay thanks to the large gate opening.
  • Easy to clip a rope in and out due to the catch-free closure especially when using more than one rope.
  • The double T-profile gives you a lighter carabiner without compromising the strength.




carabiner-4Gate opening: 24mm 

Weight: 80g
Type: EN 12275   EN 362   CE   UIAA


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