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Ocun Climbing Harnesses

OCUN climbing harnesses are developed, designed and manufactured in the heart of the Czech Republic.

The OCUN climbing harnesses have been specifically developed for various types of  climbing including technical climbing, big wall climbing, sports climbing, hiking, glacier climbing, climbing walls and all-round climbing.

All of the OCUN climbing harnesses are really put through their paces and pushed to the limit during design, development and testing. OCUN have sponsored climbers who have had great success at the crag and at competitions alike using the OCUN climbing equipment.

Their passion for climbing and desire for continuous improvement of climbing equipment (including shoes and harnesses) has led them to grow from a small workshop to a company that gained the respect of climbers around, combining the know-how, development and production that brings better service and quality climbing harnesses.

We stock a range of OCUN climbing harnesses, please find a selection below:

£54.97 £78.00

WeBee 1 climbing harness by Ocun Customers say: ★★★★★ "It moves with you and is not restricting, comfy too".   A washable and breathable sport climbing harness The patented 3D honey comb design is not only comfortable but also breathable. Great for long HOT sunny days at the crag, the holes acts like extra ventilation. If you get caught in...

£69.99 £140.00

WeBee Adventure Climbing Harness Kit by Ocun An awesome starter/gift set for new climbers Unisex - suitable for both male and female climbers. Recommended use: Top rope and Sport climbing. Suitable for: indoor and outdoor climbing. Ocun WeBee climbing harness with a start-up set Ocun WeBee 3 climbing harness Ocun Eagle HMS screwgate Ocun Hurry Belay device  Ocun Chalk bag +...

£63.99 £91.00

WeBee Lady climbing harness by Ocun Customers say: ★★★★★  "I've had several 'ladies' harnesses but this one fit me perfectly".   A washable harness with movable waist You will get a fitted harness optimised for comfort and safety. The patented moveable waist system gives you a customised fit to suit your shape by keeping the waist padding and belay loop...

£65.99 £94.00

WeBee Move climbing harness by Ocun Customers say: ★★★★★ " It doesn't dig in and your back doesn't get hot and sticky in warm weather. The adjustable leg loops is a bonus".   All-around washable harness with movable waist You will be comfortable whilst climbing because the 3D PE EVA closed cell foam material on the WeBee Move is soft...


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