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Ocun Dominator crash pad


Dominator crash pad by Ocun

A crash pad for high ball problems

  • You get a very good landing thanks the Patented FTS system (Foam Tube Suspension). The system is made with two types of foam. The honeycomb outer casing is an open cell foam (softer) and the inner tubes are made of closed cell foam (stiffer). Your landing will be softer because not all cells are filled with tubes which allows the foam to compress more effectively.
  • The Ocun Dominator cover is durable and hard-wearing because it’s made from Cordura 650d with Teflon fabric protector. The PVC material at the bottom makes it water resistant which is good when climbing on wet and damp ground.
  • The two halves of the Dominator are joined by a zip. It can be opened up regular like a book or length ways, which good on traverses especially when you're out on your own.



  • Construction: 2-piece, two way opening – Two in One SIZE
  • Dimensions: 100cm × 132cm or 200cm × 66cm
  • Carpet 50×30 cm
  • Duralumin hook buckles
  • 2 locking Velcro straps
  • 2 rubber handles and breathable WeBee shoulder straps
  • Multipurpose side loops
  • Thickness: 14cm
  • Weight: 5.4kg



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