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Ocun climbing shoes

OCUN climbing shoes are developed, designed and manufactured in the heart of the Czech Republic, a country with a long tradition of high quality shoemaking and textiles.

The OCUN climbing footwear is tested by two of the world’s best climbers, Tomas Mrazek and Salavat Rakhmetor, meaning the climbing shoes are really put through their paces and pushed to the limit.

Their Passion for climbing and desire for continuous improvement of climbing shoes has led them to grow from a small workshop to a company that gained the respect of climbers around, combining the know-how, development and production that brings better service and quality climbing shoes.

OCUN continually develop and rigorously test new climbing shoes, new solutions, new lasts, and stickier rubber. Experienced, top climbers are always close, as are climbing areas. They have gathered long-term experience, and their sponsored climbers have great success at the crag and at competitions alike. From World Cup podiums, to 9a sport routes, to 8C boulders- the OCUN climbing shoes and climbers continue to push the limits of climbing.

We stock a large range of OCUN climbing shoes and footwear, please see a selection of our climbing shoes below:

£104.00 £115.00

Diamond climbing shoes by Ocun Customers say: ★★★★★ "Brilliant heel, super sticky grip and an awesome toe".    Stick on steep walls You will have stability on tiny footholds, edges and pockets. The down-turned toe combined with the Vibram XS Grip sticky rubber makes a perfect combination when working on overhanging routes. Great for sport climbing. Your foot placement will...

£79.99 £89.99

Ghost QC climbing shoes by Ocun Customers say: ★★★★ "Just pop them on and jump on the wall. For a day at the crag, or working and training routes these are going to be fab".    A comfortable all around climbing shoe for your first pair or for when you’re out on a multi-pitch   The synthetic microfiber leather moulds...


Oxi climbing shoes by Ocun Customers say: ★★★★★ "Had nothing but success standing on polished limestone edges".    An aggressive bouldering shoe for you to climb hard in The large, prominent Grippin S rubber toe patch gives you an advantage when toe hooking from all angles. You’ll be able to do hard-technical heel hooks thanks to the perfect fit of...


Ozone Lady climbing shoes by Ocun Customers say: "★★★★ "The best heel I've had - the foot is totally solid".   An aggressive climbing shoe for women climbers Your foot will be moulded into the synthetic microfiber material giving you a comfortable yet aggressive climbing shoe. Helps increasing the life span of the shoe.  The Vibram XS Grip sticky rubber...


Ozone QC climbing shoes by Ocun Customers say: ★★★★★ "A comfortable but progressive shoe. The edges are great and have lasted the whole of a month long trip in America".    Climb hard with comfortable shoes The 3-Force Patented System is the secret behind these controversially "comfortable" shoes. The design has eliminated any space for your foot to move around...


Ozone QC Plus climbing shoes by Ocun Customers say: ★★★★★ "Finally found a technical climbing shoe that I don't have to rap my feet in a plastic bag just to get it on".   Aggressive climbing shoes for the wider foot climber Having bigger or wider built feet is good because the Ozone Plus is the wider model of the...

£85.00 £89.99

Rebel LU climbing shoes by Ocun/strong> Customers say: ★★★★★ "They have a very sharp edge, great for small holds, excellent grip and a precise point for applying pressure on the toes".    A snug and tight fitting performance climbing shoe You will have accurate foot placement on small edges and footholds, thanks to the down-turned toe. The microfiber synthetic material...

£84.99 £89.99

Rebel QC climbing shoes by Ocun Customers say: ★★★★★ "These shoes perform well on everything I've tried so far - slabs, overhangs, even sandstone".   Performance climbing shoes with a snug and tight fitting The opposite veclro fastening system gives you the all-around comfort to how firm you want the shoe to be. The down-turned toe will give you precise...

£44.99 £50.00

Hero Qc kids climbing shoes by Ocun   Ideal climbing shoes for little ones who are just learning You can be rest assured that there won’t be any impact on your child's feet because they meet the Orthopaedic requirements for children‘s footwear. Designed so your little one can sit down and get themselves ready with the quick closure system and...


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