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Ocun Ghost QC climbing shoes

£89.99 £79.99

Ghost QC climbing shoes by Ocun

A comfortable all around climbing shoe for your first pair or for when you’re out on a multi-pitch

  • The synthetic microfiber leather moulds after your foot and have good breathability. Makes them comfortable to wear for a long time without hurting your feet.
  • The opposite veclro fastening system gives you the all-around comfort and a choice of how firm you want the shoe to be.
  • With the Grippin E rubber you can trust the friction and have no problem putting weight on small edges and smears whilst climbing up the route.



  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor climbing
  • Unisex shoe  - designed for both male and female climbers
  • Designed for a long day out at the crag
  • Breathable material 


If you can't find the size you're looking for please contact us and we will try to get it in for you.
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