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Quickdraws are made up of two non-locking carabiners connected by a piece of webbing.

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Lime set NY PRO 12 cm Pack of 5 Quickdraws by Climbing Technology Stay secure with the Lime NY Pro set of quickdraws Robust and lightweight. You’ll enjoy working on projects with this quickdraw due to the ergonomic and variable webbing width making it easy to grab when needed. Easy rope clipping. The catch free nose on both top and...

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Nimble set NY PRO 12 cm pack of 5 Quickdraws by Climbing Technology Ergonomically designed and tough quickdraws Tough. You can use the Nimble intensively with no worries because it’s built to be hard wearing. Making it ideal for working sport routes. Easy to handle. The larger cross section gives it a wide gate opening and the ergonomic design makes...

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Nimble 12 cm DY Quickdraws by Climbing Technology A simple to clip and robust quickdraw for sport and trad climbing Lightweight yet sturdy. Because its lightweight the Nimble DY will be perfect for you to do trad climbing with and the strength also makes it robust enough for those sport climbing trips you’re planning on making. Simple to clip. The...

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Falcon 10cm Quickdraw PAD 16 by Ocun A durable, long-lasting quickdraw for sport and trad climbing The colour code makes clipping easier. The two carabiners on the quickdraw comes in different colours making easier for you to identify the gear and rope end. Durable and long-lasting. Both Carabiners have been designed with wider rope contact surface to reduce wear and...

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Falcon Quickdraw Zoom Pad by Ocun A durable quickdraw designed for sport climbing Durable and long lasting. The variable width (26 / 16 mm) webbing is thick enough for you to pull on whilst working a route and making it more durable and increases its life span. Large gate opening and easy to handle. You don't need to stagger on...


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