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Skincare for climbers

Skincare for climbers who wants to get back to what they love quickly.

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Hand cream for climbers by ClimbSkin Customers say: ★★★★★ "It doesn't leave that greasy feel ClimbOn leaves on your hands and I can use my phone without leaving all that gunk on the screen".   Climb more with CLIMBSKIN® Climb more. Helps you grow your skin back quickly with ingredients like Rose hip, Aloe vera and Buckthorn oil, so you...

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Hand file for climbers by ClimbSkin The perfect flapper prevention Preventing is better than fixing. You can avoid big calluses from getting ripped or snagged when climbing, by sanding down the calluses with the hand file. Get tough skin. Sanding down your calluses toughens up your skin, makes it less sensitive and more durable to climb with. Cost-effective. The CLIMBSKIN®...

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Vegan balm for climbers by Monkey Fist Customers say: ★★★★★ "It's absorbed really quickly and doesn't leave a sticky residue or anything unpleasant".   A vegan friendly climbing balm Vegan friendly. The Monkey Fist balm is vegan uses no artificial preservatives, packaged in recyclable containers and sourced from the most sustainable ingredients. Heals your skin. Helps you heal your finger...

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Chalk ball for climbers by Szent XChalk A low-cost healthier way of chalking Economical. You don’t need to keep on buying chalk balls because the Szent XChalk chalk ball is refillable. Making it more economical. Keeps it in-place. You can relax and not worry about spilling your chalk. The chalk ball keeps chalk dust contained in the ball when you...


The free chalk sample and hand written thank you note were a lovely touch and it's nice to know there are still some people that appreciate their customers. It's been a pleasure dealing with you!

 Got a lot of time for company's that keep it personal 👍🏻 definitely recommend@holdbreaker to every one. Trying out these new beasts thanks @holdbreaker top quality customer service 

 I'd also like to thank the Hold Breaker team for their excellent customer service, I've never been so impressed before!