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Climbing Slings

A climbing sling is a piece of webbing that is tied or sewn in a loop. Most climbers use it to for example build anchors, extend quickdraws and carry extra climbing equipment etc.


Looper DY sling by Climbing Technology Ultra light, Dyneema sling Lightweight sling that will help you shed pounds on your rack. Ideal for your belay and anchor set-up. Create extensions for your protections.   Features: Width 11mm Super Strong - 22kN Versatile - ideal for belays and anchors, protection or to create quickdraws Weight: 60 cm 26g, 80 cm 35g,...


Looper PA sling by Climbing Technology A strong and versatile Polyamide sling With the Polyamide material, the Looper PA gives you a stronger sling and greater safety margin when rubbing against edges. Just as light as Dyneema slings. Great to built your anchor or sling around trees.   Features: Width 16mm Super Strong - 25kN Versatile - ideal for belays...

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Aro Dyneema sling by Kong Italian made high quality Dyneema sling Shed pounds with this lightweight Aro Dyneema. A practical length for your belay and anchor set-up. Good when creating extension for your protections.     Features: Length 30cm Width 13mm Weight: 27g Strength - 22kN Versatile - good for belays, anchors or protection   Stress FREE with HoldBreaker: Tracked...


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