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Becoming a rock climbing instructor

Becoming a climbing instructor

So you’ve fallen in love with climbing and want to turn your hobby into something that you do to earn money (and who wouldn’t want to get paid to climb?!). Sadly, most of us aren’t going to be world champions but there are other ways to ensure you can free yourself from the shackles of office life and take an enjoyable leap towards getting an active job.

With our sport growing at a rate of knots (you can’t have missed this) there is great demand for climbing instructors, enthusiastic folk who want to spread the love for rock and all that it offers.

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Joby Davis

Area: West Midlands
Twitter: @davis_joby

Joby Davis is a full member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, holding the Mountain Instructors Certificate (MIC). He runs a range of CWA (Climbing Wall Award), CWLA (Climbing Wall Leading Award) and SPA (Single Pitch Award) courses - with dates running every month.

In addition to the instructional qualifications, Joby also provides the new climbing coaching award scheme. This scheme compliments the other awards with regards to the teaching of movement skills.

Finally, Joby provides technical advice to a range of climbing, roped and outdoor facilities, and is very highly regarded in this area.

Check out his website for more details.




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