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Climbing Shoe Repair

Climbing Shoe repairers

Is it time to repair your climbing shoes? Climbing shoes have a level of optimum performance when the rubber is clean, the boot broken in and the climber warmed up! As rubber wears down it begins to lose its grip. Once there is pitting or scaling of the sole, or a puncture, the boot isn’t going to provide such a secure purchase. Resoling at this early stage gets the best results.

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Feet First

Feet First usually recommend rand patches if the existing rand has excessive wear as a means of further improving the long term performance of the repair. Rand patches are blended into the profile of the sole and the rand to prevent excessive wear and tear and the possibility of an early rand puncture.

A completed boot will need a small amount of breaking in to your climbing style and foot shape. The best materials, together with 30 years experience in repairing rock shoes mean that we can guarantee the performance of your resoled boots.

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