Hazal Seyfi – HoldBreaker

Hazal Seyfi

What is your preferred discipline within climbing and why?

I started climbing as the climbing leader. That's why I've always preferred a leading climb. There are large rocks in my area and they wait for me.

What's your favourite kind of rock?

I love rocks with small pockets. It gives me confidence :)

Which climber of any time in history would you like to belay you and to belay OR to spot or be spotted by ? and why?

I'd like to climb with Alex Puccio because she is a very strong woman. She had an injury, but continued to train in a disciplined manner, and won. I believe she has much to tell me about climbing.

Do you have a ritual you perform before you start to climb?

I do yoga in a simple way before I start climbing, because yoga relieves both my mind and my body. If your mind is full, you can't climb well enough.

What is one climbing area you haven't been to and would love to explore?

I'd like to climb in Kalymnos. It would be great to climb into the sea after the climb. I have never seen any bad climbing photos in Kalymnos. :)

What is the best way to spend the day when the weather is bad enough to keep you indoors?

If the weather is bad I prefer indoor climbing, but I boulder indoors.


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