Kyle Rance – HoldBreaker

Kyle Rance

What is your preferred discipline within climbing and why?

A mixture of bouldering and trad. The simplicity of bouldering in the way of trying hard and not necessarily needing a partner - but trad is always an adventure, and controlling your mind in certain situations is a good challenge.

What's your favourite kind of rock?

Grit stone for now, I've enjoyed it for many years. I think big hands for friction and being tall gives me a good advantage for this rock type. I moved to Sheffield because I liked it and the peaks so much.

Which climber of any time in history would you like to belay you and to belay OR to spot or be spotted by ? and why?

Tim Emmett, his psyche has always been inspiring and fun to watch. Climbing with people who are full of energy really picks me up.

Do you have a ritual you perform before you start to climb?

Depends on the style. For trad and ice I try to calm my nerves and get into a bubble head space. As for bouldering I focus on the sequence, visualise and then go.

What is one climbing area you haven't been to and would love to explore?

The Italian Dolomites, my grandfather used to climb there a lot so I'm really intrigued and pictures look amazing and beautiful. I'm excited as I'm going there finally in August, I've wanted to go for almost ten years.

What is the best way to spend the day when the weather is bad enough to keep you indoors?

Haha, training at my local wall, and failing that PlayStation or working on my house.
I've also been learning salsa, so it's fun to practise what I've been learning.


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