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Kyle Rance | HoldBreaker Team




I’m a climber, I climb things, totally pointless, but I love doing it.

I do all forms of climbing be it trad (traditional), bouldering, sport or winter mountaineering/ice climbing. It’s all good fun.

I really enjoy exploring and climbing in areas I’ve never been. Following this, I have a big interest in what hasn’t been climbed. The lure of doing something no one else has done, something new, seeing if the lines I have found are possible.

Going to new places feels like an adventure, but at the same time I love going and just climbing what I haven’t done in places I may have been to time and time again.

You will usually find me hanging on a cliff somewhere working a project, or just going out and having a good laugh with my mates, seeing what we can scare or challenge ourselves on next.


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