Louise Flockhart – HoldBreaker

Louise Flockhart

What is your preferred discipline within climbing and why?

I enjoy all the disciplines but my favourite is bouldering. It’s quick to set up and super social. I love when there is a group of people trying a boulder and everyone almost gives up, but one person will make a breakthrough and then everyone tops it!

What's your favourite kind of rock?

Gritstone - I love that I can have a chilled day doing trad or a hard day bouldering on grit. I also think the rock formations can look spectacular especially in places like Brimham.

Which climber of any time in history would you like to belay you and to belay OR to spot or be spotted by ? and why?

Adam Ondra. His mental strength and confidence is, in my opinion, what pushes him to be the best climber in the world. I think his psyche and perseverance would push me to try really hard.

Do you have a ritual you perform before you start to climb?

Read route, chalk up, wipe feet clean, take a big breath, climb.

What is one climbing area you haven't been to and would love to explore?

I would love to go to Rocklands in South Africa. It looks like there’s so much nice stuff to climb and there’s still tons to be discovered.

What is the best way to spend the day when the weather is bad enough to keep you indoors?

If I’m not training at an indoor wall, I’ll probably be baking... cakes, biscuits, bread - they all taste so good fresh out the oven!


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