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HoldBreaker Our Story | About Holdbreaker and our climbing shop

HoldBreaker - About Us

Remember that first time... when the tips of your fingers touched the top, when you looked back and saw that you finally worked it out and then the adrenaline kicked in? We remember those times, we celebrate them and we help you to overcome that problem, linking it move by move until you get it. It’s a privilege that never gets old and a daily joy that keeps us going.

HoldBreaker is about looking up, reading the problem and going for it – even when you sometimes fall. It’s about the knowledge that, even if it takes weeks or months, you will one day be able to get it. No matter your current ability, your height or your gender – the same options are open to you. You just need to put the work in and get there.

We believe everyone’s struggle is the same, irrespective of level

We believe everyone's struggle is the same, irrespective of level #HoldBreaker #NoBetaNeeded

We aim to provide the very best climbing equipment where both value for money and safety are paramount. We sell those items that are hard to find and the newest, most innovative products we can lay our hands on.

But mostly we offer support, advice and a community that revolves around the sport you love. Through our blogs, Facebook and Instagram we give you the heads up on what is happening in our community and hopefully, inspire you to keeping on working at it until you get your project.



Where did we spring from?

HoldBreaker is the brainchild of Stockholm-born and sports-mad Emine. A lust for adventure led her to Ton Sai, Thailand where she discovered a climber’s paradise. She signed up with Wee’s Climbing School and the moment she got to the top of the 123 wall and looked out at the bay, she knew she had found her passion. From that first moment she dug her fingers into the rock and scaled new heights she knew her life had changed forever. Those London contracting jobs were numbered. Her path was mapped out.

On her return from Thailand she soon joined a climbing centre and met her partner in life and business. Richie is originally from Indonesia and now works alongside Emine in the development, graphics and coding side of the business and by offering his climbing skill and knowledge to her already enviable level of experience.

But perhaps it is the HoldBreaker namesake who deserves special mention. Stevo is known as Mr Hold Breaker and is renowned for his climbing prowess. He inspired this young couple to achieve their dreams and more importantly, lent his name to the venture. Without him, the business would be nameless and without direction. This legend of the climbing world truly understands the sacrifices and challenges of what we do.




What we do now

As well as supplying only the best climbing equipment, we are fully involved in the climbing community. We work closely with Communities United, Promoting Inclusion (CUPI), a community organisation that encourages activity and sport as a way of bringing people together and tackling anti-social behaviour.

No matter the level of ability, the strength of the individual or the fears they may hold, we know that climbing can instil a sense of achievement that comes from doing what you thought you couldn’t. Looking at a wall or a cliff face and “seeing” the line. Knowing that it can be done – you just need to figure out how. Empowerment doesn’t even begin to describe that feeling.






The free chalk sample and hand written thank you note were a lovely touch and it's nice to know there are still some people that appreciate their customers. It's been a pleasure dealing with you!

 Got a lot of time for company's that keep it personal 👍🏻 definitely recommend@holdbreaker to every one. Trying out these new beasts thanks @holdbreaker top quality customer service 

 I'd also like to thank the Hold Breaker team for their excellent customer service, I've never been so impressed before!