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10.2mm Double-Dry Eliminator Dynamic, BlueWater Ropes Blue Bi-Colour (70m)


The 70m Bi-Colour Double-Dry Eliminator 10.2mm climbing rope by BlueWater Ropes 

Avoid changing rope often and save on your gear budget.

  • The Eliminator is durable thanks to the Kernmantle design. You can take falls repeatedly. Over and over again, and still have a soft landing.
  • The 64g/m weight makes it the lightest rope in the 10.2mm rope category, which helps when you’re trying to reduce weight, packing for a climbing trip for example.
  • The Double Dry treatment on the Eliminator means the core fibres of rope is treated, which reduce abrasion, makes the rope last longer and really smooth to handle.
  • Available in 60m and 70m. (The 70m come in Bi-Colour meaning its has 2 patterns so you find the middle of the rope easily).



Length: 70m
Diameter: 10.2mm
Grams Per Meter: 64
UIAA Falls Held: 8
Weight: 3840g (60m), 4480g (70m)

(The UIAA is the international governing body for climbing and mountaineering)


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