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Ocun Osprey Twistlock Carabiner


Osprey Twistlock Carabiner by Ocun

The perfect twistlock carabiner

  • Your best friend in case of an emergency. The rope friendly shape of the upper profile lets you simply use an Italian hitch or the Crossing Hitch belaying with ease.
  • Perfect for building anchors. You’ll find the slightly asymmetric oval shape of the Osprey very useful for bulky knots, clove hitch or multiple ropes.
  • Suitable for multi pitch. You can easily use the Osprey from working with pulley to aiding a big wall due to the slightly asymmetric oval shaped.
  • Fool proof. You won’t have to worry with safety, with the twistlock design it’s impossible for you to unlock it accidentally.




carabiner-4Gate opening: 22mm

Weight: 75g
Type: EN 12275   EN 362   CE   UIAA


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