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ClimbSkin Hand File


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Hand file for climbers by ClimbSkin

The perfect flapper prevention

  • Preventing is better than fixing. You can avoid big calluses from getting ripped or snagged when climbing, by sanding down the calluses with the hand file.
  • Get tough skin. Sanding down your calluses toughens up your skin, makes it less sensitive and more durable to climb with.
  • Cost-effective. The CLIMBSKIN® hand file is made from curved wood giving it better balance when you’re toughen up your skin. Comes with 4 extra sandpapers (2 of each texture).



  • The hand file is curved for a better balance to iron out the skin of your fingers
  • Fits perfectly in your boulder bag or pocket
  • Comes with 4 sandpapers that are replaceable, 2 smooth and 2 rough
  • An orange cord that helps you find it in your pocket or bag, as well as increases the chance of finding it if you drop it.


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