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Ocun WeBee Move climbing harness

£94.00 £65.99

WeBee Move climbing harness by Ocun

All-around washable harness with movable waist

  • You will be comfortable whilst climbing because the 3D PE EVA closed cell foam material on the WeBee Move is soft and flexible.
  • The patented moveable waist system gives you a customised climbing harness by always keeping the waist padding and belay loop centred.
  • It’s washable and water repellant. The 3D PE EVA closed cell foam also makes it durable and abrasion resistant.
  • Keeps you cool. The honey comb design makes it breathable, acting like an extra ventilation on a HOT and sunny day out.
  • The adjustable buckles on the waist and leg loops means you can change the size to suit the seasons.



  • Provides much need ventilation for those hot, sweaty and sticky days!
  • Unisex - suitable for both male and female climbers
  • Suitable for: indoor and outdoor climbing
  • Washable, easy to maintain
  • System of movable waist padding
  • Adjustable leg loops
  • 4 gear loops
  • Weight: 425g


SIZE  WAIST (cm) LEGS (cm)
XS - M 60 - 90 45 - 65
M - XL 75 - 105 55 - 72

EN 12277 typ C   CE   UIAA

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