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HoldBreaker X - A Uniquely Designed Climbing Sports Bra

HoldBreaker X, The Climbing Sports Bra With Racerback Design That Changes Everything!

The Journey Of The HoldBreaker X

The HoldBreaker X Climbing Sports Bra was crafted over a two-year journey, driven by a love for climbing and a dedication to excellence. Each step, from concept to completion, was enhanced by the invaluable insights and experiences of women climbers involved in every prototype, test, and success.

Happy Climbers Speak Out: Highlighting 4 of Our 400+ Satisfied Customers

This tank top is such amazing material - super light, breathable, soft and comfy! Love the built in sports bra as well. This is probably my new favourite tank top to climb in! Highly recommend.

Indiana C


Fits perfectly! Doesn't cut into my chest or lats! Ultimate comfort for climbing. I'm hoping they release coloured ones!

Anna Davey


Beautiful and yet so comfortable!
I absolutely love this bra! You never have to adjust it or worry about it moving around, but you still feel free and kind of forget you are wearing it! Highly recommend!!

Norea Marceau


Worth the hype!
I was really excited to get my hands on this bra when I saw it's release. No bra is ever designed with climbing in mind, nor the figure of female climbers. When I received it, I was not isappointed! It was so extremely comfortable, yet held in all the right places (including my large lats!) I was really impressed with the quality.

Heidy Khlaaf


Deb's Review Of The HoldBreaker X

Join Deb as she shares her firsthand experience with the HoldBreaker X climbing sports bra. Discover how this game-changing gear supported her climb, offering unparalleled comfort, mobility, and support on her first adventure with it. Whether you're a seasoned climber or just starting out, Deb's insights into the HoldBreaker X's performance might just be what you need to hear before your next climb.