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Be The First To Know When The HoldBreaker X Climbing Bra Launches.

The Story Of Our Product

The HoldBreaker X is made by female climbers for female climbers for climbing. I truly believe ‘strong is a size you earn’ and that is why I am so proud to launch this new line of clothing for strong women climbers,” said HoldBreaker Founder and CEO Emine Guler.


Guler designed the new line because she was tired of climbing tops not fitting her shape. After years of climbing, her upper body had changed and her muscles had developed. One of the specific problems she and other female climbers were experiencing was the “muffin top,” in which their back muscles were bulging over the sides of the sports bras pinching into their skin. The elastic bands were often also too tight, making it hard to breathe. The new line of clothing solves all those problems.

The biggest differentiator in the new line is the fit and comfort. HoldBreaker has done its own research with consumers and Guler herself painstakingly spent almost two years creating the clothing line to prioritize form and function. The clothing fits female climbers’ arms, shoulders and backs, while providing the necessary flexibility to make movements so they don’t feel restricted.

Plus, Guler wanted to emphasize aesthetics. She was tired of seeing unflattering cuts and the standard cliché colors such as pink or purple that other mainstream retailers use to differentiate women’s from men’s athletic clothing. The company is introducing better color options and stylish cuts that their own research found experienced female climbers prefer to wear.


About a decade ago after a difficult divorce, Guler discovered climbing and fell in love with the sport. She believes it has helped her to grow, heal and become a better person, and she lives by the company’s slogan: Everyone’s struggle is the same irrespective of level.

"I created HoldBreaker because I’m passionate about climbing and wanted to give back to the community. I saw HoldBreaker as an opportunity to help others in the climbing community to feel good and comfortable about themselves, because climbing had helped me through a very difficult time in my life," she said.

Feedback on the HoldBreaker X Climbing bra so far

"Fantastic!! It’s so verry comfortable – gives the right amount of support for a 34D without squeezing my boos"

"Feel so much better than all other sports bras. Straps are AMAH-ZING! Love the band and all the off-centre feel. So flexible"

"Super fit! The Straps feel really comfortable and flexible. Really pretty too"

"Super soft material, even along the seams. Back design is gorgeous and supportive, hugs back “V” perfect"

"Honestly, the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn plus the design is really cool. The back is really sophisticated"