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Welcome to HoldBreaker, where we unleash the unstoppable power within female climbers!


Fueled by unwavering dedication, an unyielding passion for rock climbing, Emine (pictured to the left), our founder experienced a persistent issue plaguing not only herself but also her female climbing friends – ill-fitting sports bras. As a true climber, she set out to solve the problem!


Driven by a burning desire to empower female climbers, Emine embarked on an audacious journey to craft a revolutionary rock climbing sports bra. Meticulously designed to cater flawlessly to the unique demands of the female climber's physique, this innovative solution resolves the long-standing challenge of ill-fitting gear. Now, female crushers can climb with confidence, liberated from the limitations imposed by poorly fitting sports bras.


At HoldBreaker, we believe everyone's struggle is the same, irrespective of level. Our climbing sports bras are meticulously crafted to provide unmatched support, comfort, and style. We understand that female climbers possess a unique physique honed by their dedication and determination. That's why Emine tirelessly pursued the perfect fit, ensuring that the HoldBreaker X sports bra not only accentuate their natural beauty but also enable them to conquer any challenging climb or boulder with unwavering confidence.


But our purpose goes far beyond simply designing exceptional sports bras for strong women. HoldBreaker is a movement, a force that uplifts and inspires women to unleash their full potential in every aspect of their lives. We believe in the power of rock climbing as a transformative experience, every climb we undertake embodies a vivid metaphor, mirroring the meticulous peeling back of an onion's layers. As we defy our own perceived boundaries, we climb with unwavering focus, seizing the opportunity to progress and evolve amidst the raw beauty of our personal journey..


As you step into the HoldBreaker community, you'll discover a tribe of like-minded women who share a burning desire for growth, resilience, and fearless pursuit of their dreams. Here, we foster an environment where climbers from all walks of life come together to learn, mentor, and inspire one another. We celebrate the victories, support each other through the challenges, and embark on breathtaking adventures that expand our horizons.


You, my friend, are invited to join this remarkable movement. Embrace the unique strength within you, harness the unwavering determination that sets your soul on fire, and unlock the boundless possibilities that await. With HoldBreaker by your side, you will not only conquer mountains but also conquer the world!


Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? The time is now. Welcome to the HoldBreaker family, where we empower women to reach new heights and redefine what's possible!








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