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4 Steps to achieving your climbing goals

4 Steps to achieving your climbing goals

HoldBreaker Team |

1. Where do you want to take your climbing?
Be as specific as you can. Is there a route that you’ve been eyeing up and that you want to send? Do you want to climb a specific grade in boulder, sport, trad or ice climbing? Do you want to get stronger and have more power? Do you want to have stronger fingers, shoulders or core? Better endurance? Be as specific as you possibly can get, really try to get to where you’d like to be. Remember, where you are at the moment doesn’t matter because this is all about where you want to get to. Also forget about what you currently think is impossible, ie your own limitations. This is about where you want to be - things that might seem impossible now will become easy with time and effort. Go and be creative and write down what you want in your heart.


2. Why do you want it and why is it important to you?
What would ticking a route mean to you? How will getting stronger make you feel? When you get a crystal-clear idea of why you want to do this so bad, you’ll automatically find a way to get it done. You'll want to achieve this. There are many benefits of writing things down such as, it keeps you accountable, organised, allows you to visually see how far you’ve come, inspires creativity and much more. 


3. Believe that you can get it done
Believe that you will get there and see yourself getting there. You have set the intention. It’s not going to be easy, it won’t get handed to you and it won’t happen over night, it might take weeks, months and maybe years – depending on the goals you’ve set. Something worth doing takes time. Accept that. When things feel hard and impossible to you (there will be times like these) – know inside you that you’ll get there! Keep looking at your goals and reasons daily. Get your self psyched up before you decide that you'll skip that session! Progress is always a good motivator, check your journal and see how far you got, from where you were - to where you are now. 


Female climber on Eva Lopez transgression board


4. Create yourself a routine
Did you know that research has found that those who keeps practicing the most are the highest achievers in any given field. Talent might give you a head start but you still have to put in the work.
Write down, step by step what you need to do in order to achieve your goal. Then look at your schedule and see where you can set time for it. Everyone is busy these days and it’s hard to find time to do anything new but finding 1 hour a week will get you started and improve your chances of success. The time you set aside is non negotiable. This is where you focus on your goal. Stick to it, every week and after a while it will become a routine. Remember, repetition is the mother of skill.


Keep climbing,

HoldBreaker Team

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