From Vision to Summit: The HoldBreaker X Bra Journey

From Vision to Summit: The HoldBreaker X Sports Bra Journey

Unleashing the Power of Female Climbers. Emine envisioned a remarkable creation specifically tailored for the female climber who had spent countless hours training, developing and perfecting their climbing skills and subsequently developing a strong upper body. She yearned to craft a sports bra that would cater to their unique needs, addressing the challenges they faced with unwavering determination. This was a quest for a sports bra that transcended mere functionality—it needed to be a seamless extension of their climbing spirit.


A Perfect Fit, Inside and Out. Emine recognized the crucial elements that would define the ultimate sports bra. It had to effortlessly slide on and off, sparing the climbers from the struggle of wrestling with tight-fitting apparel. No longer would they endure the discomfort of underbands and shoulder straps leaving indelible marks on their skin. Emine set out to design a sports bra that celebrated freedom of movement while maintaining optimal support, ensuring that the boundless potential of these athletes would never be constrained.


Empowering Confidence, Enhancing Performance. Moreover, Emine was determined to create a sports bra that not only provided support but also complemented the unique physiques of female climbers. She sought to banish the disheartening experience of lats muscles bulging over the confines of ill-fitting undergarments. Emine's vision encompassed a revolutionary solution, and thus, the HoldBreaker X sports bra was born. With its innovative V-shape design, the HoldBreaker X sports bra was specifically crafted to enhance the silhouette of female climbers. It embraced the natural contours of the body, providing optimal support and freedom of movement. Emine's creation aimed to empower climbers, allowing them to tackle the toughest routes with unparalleled confidence, unrestricted by the limitations of their attire.


A Visionary Expedition Begins.  Emine embarked on an extraordinary adventure, fueled by a powerful vision of her creation. Recognizing the importance of expert guidance, she sought the collaboration of the talented Cina Haas, an experienced patternmaker who had honed her skills with renowned brands like Marc O'Polo and Peak Performance. With Cina's expertise and Emine's unwavering vision, they embarked on an audacious journey to bring this creation to life.


HoldBreaker X prototypes

Defying Conventional Norms. At the outset, manufacturers were taken aback by the audacious V-shaped design of the pattern. Some attempted to conform it to the norms of a "normal" sports bra. But Emine, guided by her unwavering vision, held her ground, determined to preserve the original design. Through relentless iterations and careful adjustments, she pushed the boundaries, ensuring maximum comfort for climbers who dare to challenge the status quo.


Pushing Fabrics to the Edge. Days and nights were dedicated to meticulous fabric testing, subjecting each material to grueling trials, rubbing them against rugged rocks that mimic the harsh conditions climbers face. Amidst the contenders, Sensitive fabrics from EuroJersey emerged as the unrivaled champions. EuroJersey, a renowned Italian fabric producer celebrated for sustainable approaches, proudly crafted the exceptional Sensitive fabrics. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices and their association with prestigious brands like Burberry, Sweaty Betty, Valentino, Moncler, ignited Emine's passion for a sustainable and performance-driven solution.


Unleashing the Perfect Blend. Emine fearlessly embarked on personal testing, exploring various combinations of the Sensitive fabrics. The winning formula embraced the thinner Sensitive fabric on the inside, effectively absorbing sweat and facilitating rapid drying. On the outside, the thicker Sensitive fabric emerged as an impervious shield, resilient against the unforgiving abrasion of rock surfaces encountered during daring ascents.


A Tribe of Feedback Warriors. Confident in the design and materials, Emine turned to her extensive network of climbers, valuing their invaluable input. Prototypes, meticulously crafted from the chosen Sensitive fabrics, were dispersed widely among a carefully selected focus group. Climbers, true warriors of feedback, rigorously tested the prototypes, their insights becoming precious tools that Emine wielded to refine and elevate the final product. The climbers' immediate love and unwavering appreciation for the prototypes filled Emine with an exhilarating sense of triumph


Celebrating the Summit. To celebrate the extraordinary journey, a pre-launch event unfolded at the legendary Castle Climbing Centre in London. Emine extended an open invitation to all, urging them to try on her creation and provide feedback for potential final tweaks. However, the response surpassed all expectations—a resounding endorsement echoing throughout the climbing community, affirming that the product not only met but exceeded the needs of climbers on their bold quests.


Conquer New Heights with Unwavering Confidence. Emine, the driving force behind this awe-inspiring expedition, extends her heartfelt hope that you embrace and cherish her creation as she does. Designed to be your unwavering companion on every daring climbing adventure, it empowers you to defy limitations, conquer new heights, and bask in the unparalleled comfort that enables you to unleash your true potential.

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