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HoldBreaker X - Rock climbing tank top - Front
HoldBreaker X - Rock climbing tank top II back
HoldBreaker X - Rock climbing tank top - Front II
HoldBreaker X - Rock climbing tank top - Back I
HoldBreaker Tank 04
HoldBreaker Tank 05

Rock Climbing Tank Tops | Holdbreaker X


The climber is wearing a size M. Her under breast measure is 76.2cm /30in.


The HoldBreaker X is a climbing tank top that comes built in with the HoldBreaker X climbing bra.


Are you frustrated with your climbing tank top being uncomfortable or not showing off your well trained figure properly?


 As climbers we all have different shapes, preferences and styles but we do share a common challenge as we keep climbing, and that is that our latissimus dorsa muscle keeps growing but unfortunately our boobs do not. This makes our search for a comfortable climbing tank top that show offs our hard work and our amazing backs - really hard. This is why we created the HoldBreaker X climbing tank top.


The HoldBreaker X has been developed specifically by female climbers, for female climbers.  Its unique V-shaped body is designed to fit snugly around your lats, without bulging or pulling too tight. The straps make the shoulders feel free, leaving you comfortable to reach for those holds in your HoldBreaker X climbing tank top.


 The high-quality Italian material has a soft, luxurious, silky feel, yet at the same time offers superb support and is exceptionally hard-wearing and durable.  The double-layer wicks moisture effectively and gives great all-day comfort.


The Swedish-designed product focuses on quality finishing and the simple classic cut flatters all body shapes, with the front shaped to provide definition and the cross-straps providing clean, elegant lines at the back.


Because strong is a size you have earned, and it shouldn’t mean having to compromise on comfort or style.



  • Swedish design
  • Developed by a female rock-climber
  • Designed by an experienced outdoor clothing designer
  • Prototypes field-tested by female climbers
  • High quality Italian fabric (abrasion tested on rock)
  • Unique V-shape tailored to fit developed backs
  • Double fabric-layer for super effective moisture wicking
  • Soft and comfortable shoulder straps
  • Exceptionally hard-wearing and durable
  • Great all-day comfort


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  • No nonsense return policy



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